The Movement

Our reputation and the history of the hip hop movement speak for itself in artist recordings in the awakening of the world in their music,  videos, speaking, producing record recordings, and video recording of Consciousness, civil rights, activism, justice, political, community awareness in the lyrics and or words. This is considered the Hip Hop Movement genre. The complex important and often ground-breaking voices through entertainment and education in which one speaks about attracts the best and brightest artist to join the hip hop movement through music, songs & culture. The Hip Hop Movement is considered by many as the voice of hip hop. The Hip Hop Movement will bring out everyone in your community when we are there to speak or perform.  Whether you’re on the side of the prosecution or the side of the defense, you can rest assured that everyone can enjoy the movement as we reach the truth in the form through artist songs, entertainment, and culture. 

This is the only movement in hip hop, the Hip Hop Movement, the brand speaks for itself in entertainment & business. When you book the hip hop movement people come from miles away to be upon the brand that started it all, the brand that everyone speaks about, the brand that everyone wants to be apart of.